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Free Primary Kids Number Patterns Games

Number Patterns Game
Free online interactive games for kids to learn and recognize math patterns with only odd numbers. pattern games, free  games for school, free online kids games

Even numbers pattern game
Play and recognize even numbers patterns. Select the right number to continue this number pattern.

Nubmer patterns games
Teach kids recognize Common Number Patterns- adding 3 to each number. Interactive online games for kindergarten to primary school students to continue number sequences.

number patterns games for school, free kids games, free online  games

Geometric sequences pattern game
Multiplying each number by 2 in this pattern. Interesting number pattern games for 2nd grade/3rd grade students to learn multiplication and patterns.

Arithmetic sequences pattern games
Play number patterns computer games. Skip-counting by 5 in this pattern.

Arithmetic numbers pattern game
Find the common difference in the pattern and complete the number pattern. Each number in this pattern is the sum of previous number + 4.

Square Numbers pattern games
Free online number patterns games for kids. Each number in this sequence is a square of its position in the sequence.

Cube Numbers pattern games
Free online number patterns games for kids. Each number in this sequence is a cube of its position in the sequence.

Multiplying numbers pattern games
Free online games for kids to play number patterns games with multiplying 3 to each number to get the next number in the sequence.

Fibonacci numbers pattern games
This is a more advanced pattern games for elementary school kids. This pattern is made by adding the 2 numbers in the sequence to get the next number.

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