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Free Printable Christmas English Worksheets

Language arts worksheets for preschool, pre-k/kindergarten, and primary school level students. Teachers and parents can print out beginning Christmas picture reading worksheets, alphabet letters worksheets, writing forms and writing templates, printable mini-book pages, spelling worksheets, words games for the Christmas holiday lesson plan and/or winter season theme unit teaching.

Christmas reading worksheets for preschool and kindergarten kids

  • Christmas Writing Worksheets

  • Alphabetical activities
    Cut and paste Christmas words begining letters in ABC order.Skills practiced: alphabet letters, abc order, motor skills, reading.

  • Do they belong to Christmas
    Free Christmas reading worksheet for kids to find items that don't belong to the Christmas theme.
  • ABC order letters worksheet
    Preschool and kindergarten Christmas Cut and paste letters worksheet.

  • Christmas Spelling Worksheet #1 - fill in the missing letters
    Look at the Christmas pictures and fill in the missing letter for easy Christmas words: Santa, elf, gift, tree.

  • Christmas Spelling Worksheet #2 - Christmas words missing letters
    Medium level Christmas words: wreath, stocking, carolers,sled, candy, holly.

  • Christmas Spelling Worksheet #3 - long Christmas words missing letters
    Difficult Christmas words with coloring pictures: mistletoe, reindeer, candle, gingerbread man

  • Categories reading worksheet
    Circle the two pictures in each row that belong together. Free Christmas reading worksheet.

  • Christmas Alphabetical Order Worksheet

  • Are they Christmas-themed?
    Read the pictures and circle all the Christmas-themed pictures on the page.

  • Follow the Pattern
    Free printable preschool to primary Christmas reading worksheet.

  • Same and Different
    Free printable Picture Reading Christmas ((preschool - primary) reading worksheet.

  • Find the same picture
    Picture Reading preschool and kindergarten Christmas reading worksheet to find the same picture.

  • Match Pictures
    Draw line to match Christmas things that go together.

  • Match Pictures - 2
    Draw line to match pairs of same category Christmas pictures.

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  • Free printable Christmas Cards   1    2
    Free printable folded holiday cards, flat Christmas postcards

  • Custom Christmas photo cards maker
    Upload holiday photo and make your own Christmas photo cards

  • Free Christmas labels   1    2
    personalized Christmas address labels, shipping labels, and mailing lables

  • Kids Christmas name tags

  • Christmas Stationary   1    2    3    4    5    6    7
    Dear Santa Letter Stationary, Christmas writing paper, Christmas letterhead

  • Christmas Math Worksheets

  • Christmas English language arts worksheets

  • Christmas Arts and Crafts

  • Christmas learning games

  • Christmas poems for kids

    Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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