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Free Printable Christmas Math Worksheets

Christmas and winter themed math worksheets for teachers and parents to print out and ask your kids to practice basic math operations and concepts.

    Christmas math worksheets for first grade

  1. Christmas Counting Worksheets

    Count how many numbers of Santa pictures, reindeers, and Christmas trees.

  2. Christmas themed comparing math worksheets

    Compare size, height, numbers, and length picture worksheets, Kids will learn basic concepts of more or less, taller, tallest, longest, and shorter.

  3. Cross out numbers worksheet
    Cross out one picture and write down how many left.

  4. Odd or even numbers
    Count and circle odd or even number Christmas worksheet.

  5. Tally Numbers
    Free printable Christmas tally math worksheet. Write tally marks. Elementary school Christmas numbers worksheets, grade one numbers math worksheets free printable

  6. Numbers and number words 1 to 10
    Count Christmas pictures and write down numbers and number words one to ten.

  7. Christmas picture subtracting math Worksheets

    Beginning subtraction math problems for pre-k/kindergarten students to count and start to subtract numbers 1 to 10.

  8. Christmas themed picture adding worksheets

  9. Christmas subtraction math Worksheets

    First grade/2nd grade level math problems. Students practice single digit subtraction (No Borrowing), Double-Digit subtraction (No Borrowing), and Double-Digit subtraction (with Borrowing). Teachers can also print out Input/output subtraction tables.

  10. Christmas addition math Worksheets

    Adding two single digit numbers, two digits numbers with re-grouping. First grade and second grade level math problems.

  11. Ordinal numbers worksheets

    Teach orders of number with Christmas pictures.

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    Free Christmas theme math worksheets, free Christmas comparing math worksheets

  12. Free printable Christmas Cards   1    2
    Free printable folded holiday cards, flat Christmas postcards

  13. Custom Christmas photo cards maker
    Upload holiday photo and make your own Christmas photo cards

  14. Free Christmas labels   1    2
    personalized Christmas address labels, shipping labels, and mailing lables

  15. Kids Christmas name tags

  16. Christmas Stationary   1    2    3    4    5    6    7
    Dear Santa Letter Stationary, Christmas writing paper, Christmas letterhead

  17. Christmas Math Worksheets

  18. Christmas English language arts worksheets

  19. Christmas Arts and Crafts

  20. Christmas learning games

  21. Christmas poems for kids

    Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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