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St. Patrick's Day Crafts for kids

Easy and fun St. Patrick's Day craft ideas and materials for teachers to use in class room to celebrate the holiday. Print out these crafts sheets and ask your students to make own coloring greeting card, make a photo frame, or create a clover leaf shape book.
Free  printable St. Patrick's Day  coloring greeting cards for kids

  1. St. Patrick's Day Four Leaf Clover coloring greeting card
  2. Print out the coloring card page and ask kids to color the Four Leaf Clover cartoon picture. Fold the paper, write your greetings inside and then you will get a greeting card.

  3. Leprechaun with pot of gold under rainbow coloring card
  4. Ask your students to color the rainbow, a good opportunity to teach kids use the rainbow colors to make a really colorful holiday greeting card.

  5. St. Patrick's Day photo frame project
  6. Print out these St. Patrick's Day cliparts and ask kids to cut these individual picture out, cut out a rectangle or circle shape out from hard board paper or craft paper roll, and glue the pictures to decorate the rectangle or circle shape to make a photo frame.

  7. St. Patrick's Day shamrock paper plate craft
  8. Ask students color the clover leaves, cut the frame out, and glue to a paper plate.

  9. St. Patrick's Day clover leaf shape book template
  10. St. Patrick's Day shamrock frame shape book template
  11. Color the leaves and write on the white central area.

  12. Use triangle shapes to create a shamrock bouquet
  13. Print and cut the individual piece out, glue them together to make a bouquet. Free  printable St. Patrick's Day  coloring greeting cards for kids

  14. A teddy bear shape book
  15. Make a Irish flag
  16. Teachers and parents can print or show the Irish flag clip art to kids. Ask them to observation what shape is the flag, and what colors the flag has. Then ask studnets to draw their own flag and color it.
Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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