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Plants and flowers lesson plan and activities

This lesson plan will help your preschoolers and kindergarteners to understand the many types of plants and their characteristics.
plants life cycle kids activities, plants and flower lesson plan and thematic units Plants lesson plan:- Plant Function
Teach preschoolers functions of the leaves, stems, roots, and flowers of plants. Help preschoolers to understand that each part of the plant has a certain job.
The roots anchor the plant, absorb water and nutrients needed for growth.
Stems carry water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves.
Leaves are the food making factories of green plants.
Flowers are important in making seeds.
The fruit containes the seeds of plants.

Plants leaves

Free plants lesson plan and printable activities for teachers to teach plant leaves fact, kinds of leaves, leaves crafts, leaves and the four seasons, and leaves coloring pictures.

flowers lesson plan for preschool and kindergarten, free printable kids flower worksheets and activities Flower lesson plan printables and activites
Teachers and parents of young children can find useful flowers printable worksheets and activities printouts like easy flower crafts, Flowers alphabet letters worksheets, beautiful flower coloring pictures for students, drawing activites, Color by number activites, and flowers border paper and primary lined writing paper.

  • Plants lesson plan:- Trees
    Trees are a special kind of plant.


    • Ask your preschoolers to provide two facts and two uses of trees.
    • create a tree out of scraps of paper
    • go to a local park and learn some tree names.
    • read a book: The Giving Tree

    Tree truck picute,fruits tree pictures, shade tree picture, tropical tree picture. plants life cycle preschool activities, plants preschool plants life cycle lesson plans,preschool thematic units

  • Plants lesson plan:- Plants facts
    Talk to your students about some interesting and useful facts about plants.
    • The plants have many parts such as the stem, fruit, flower, roots, and leaves.
    • Plants need sun, light,and water to grow.
    • No species of plant produces a absolutely black flower.
    • Many plants are able to absorb significant amounts of harmful gases out of the air.
    • Plants roots give the plant food.
    • 84% of a raw apple and 96% of a raw cucumber is water.
    • Peanuts are beans.
    • The California redwood are the tallest and largest living trees.
    plants preschool activities, plants preschool lesson plans,plants flowers preschool thematic units

    Plants lesson plan - Introduce plants to the class
    Plants Observation unit. Show your preschoolers root systems, stems, leaves, and flowers of the different plants.Introduce science and math activities of plants lesson units.

  • How Plants Grow

    Activities: Learn how plants grow from Seeds to Plant. Pick some used paper cups, fill the cup with soil, plant some quick-growing flower seeds in the soil, and put the cups outside of the class room.
    Children check the plants and record how much the plant grows in a week, two weeks,watch the new sprouts, leaves, and stem.
    Help kids understand for plants to grow, they need the right temperature, light, water, air, nutrients, time, and space to grow.
    Teach preschoolers that water is important for plants to get food and to grow. Ask them to water their plants.

  • Plants lesson plan:- plant life cycle

    Printables: flowering plant life cycle sequencing flash cards. Flowering plants life cycle from sprouting seed, developing roots,stems,leaves, flowering, and set seeds cycles. Preschool teachers can print out 4 different sets of growing cycle images for this lesson unit. Seeds image. Flowers and fruits images.

    Plant activities : pick up some fast growing seeds, like sunflower seeds, ask your preschoolers observe the seeds,Plant seeds in any creative container like clear plastic cups,and put the cups outside of the class rooms. Ask your students water and check on the plants in the next 2 weeks.

    plants preschool activities, plants preschool lesson plans,preschool thematic units

  • Plants paper crafts
    Arts and crafts plants lesson plans. Fun kids crafts projects to make paper plate flowers, paper sunflwoers, paper tulip flowers row, and paper leaves.

  • Fruits coloring pages
    Print out these free plants coloring pages and ask your preschoolers to look at the pictures, and learn what are these fruits, and then color these fruits. plants preschool activities, plants preschool lesson plans,preschool thematic units

  • Counting fruits and vegetables
    Free printable fruits and vegetables counting worksheets for preschool children to learn more about plants fruits and vegetables, and counting skills too.

  • Dots to dots games
    Free printable connect dots to flowers and coloring pages. learn to count numbers forwards and backwards.

  • Plants colors printable activities
    Learn colors of flowers and leaves. Cut out the flowers pictures and glue flowers by color.
    Find the right colors of leaves and fruits.Numbers and colors games.Count pumpkins and Circle the correct number.

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