Preschool and kindergarten leaves lessons plan for

leaves lesson plan for preschool and kindergarten, free printable kids leaf activities Kinds of Leaves

  1. Take your students out of the room and go pick up some leaves by themselves. Count how many different kinds of leaves they can find.
  2. Or school teachers can print out plant leaves picture flash cards and show your students different kinds of leaves that plants can have.
  3. Ask your students to pay attention to the different shapes, sizes, and vein patterns of leaves.
free printable leaves coloring picture for kids
  • Leaves and seasons lesson
    1. Teach preschool and kindergarten students the concepts of the 4 seasons by looking at the trees pictures. Teach children about winter, spring, summer and autumn. Leaves have different colors in different seasons. For example, some trees have orange, red, or brown leaves and falling leaves in the fall seaon. Some trees are bare and don't have any leaves in winter season. And trees have bright green trees in summer.
    2. Take your students out of the room and look at trees in your school yard. Ask them to observe the tree leaves and tell which season you are in.
    3. Show pictures of trees to your kids and ask them to identify which season is the picture showing.

  • free printable leaves name tags templates for kids Leaves coloring pictures
      Free printable many kinds of leaves coloring pictures for kids to learn and color green ivy leaf, colorful fall leaves, maple leaves and fern leaves.

  • Make leaves name tags
      Make custom name tags with your kids. Free printable plant leaves kids name tags templates for day care centers and preschool class room desks. Perfect for the plants theme unit. Print out green leaves frame name tags, summer leaves frame tag template, fall maple leaf, and spring new leaf free printable name tag templates.

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