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Color Recognition Worksheets for Kids

Print out the PDF files in full letter sheet size and use as color recognition worksheets. Teach your kids to read pictures carefully and recognize color of the objects. These worksheets also teach kids to recognize categories of objects, like animals, leaves,toys, etc. Students need to mark certain group of objects that are in that color.

These printable color recognition worksheets are ready to use for students in preschool and kindergarten level. They will help kids learn all the other basic colors and practice recognizing the color pink, green, grey, black, yellow, purple, orange.

    color Recognition worksheets
  1. Recognize Black color

    Learn color black and develop sense of the color black by reading pictures in black.

  2. Recognize color orange

    Teach kids to recognize the color orange. This worksheet asks students to indentify the objects that are color orange on the page

  3. Recognize color pink

    Students need to read pictures and indentify pink things.

  4. Recognize color green

    Look at the pictures and indentify green toys. recognize basic colors activities

  5. Recognize color red

    Circle all objects in the pictures that are color red.

  6. Recognize color yellow

    only select animals that are color yellow. Do not mark all yellow things.

  7. Recognize the color purple

    Circle all objects that are color purple - purple pillow, purple butterfly, and purple feather

  8. Recognize the color grey

    Circle all the things that are color grey.

  9. Eight more free printable recognize colors worksheets. Each of this collection of worksheet pages will ask kids to recognize three basic colors.    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8

  10. Recognize the color green

    only mark the stars that are color green. Tricky point: Do not select all green things.

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