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Free Printable Farm Animal Worksheets and Activities

This lesson plan will help young children learn what animals live on a farm and some fun facts about the farm animals. Also there are plenty high quality worksheets for students to learn read and write popular farm animal names like sheep,pig,horse, chicken, goat, duck, turkey, dog, cat, rooster, etc, practice math operations, and English language arts activities.
farm animals crafts and arts activities
Make cup farm animals

Find some used paper cups, preschool teachers can draw on the cups, and ask preschoolers to stick feather or paper to make cute farm animals, like pig, cat, and rabbit.
farm animal paper crafts
Farm animal craft

Cut two hand shaking rabbits. Simple craft projects for preschool and kindergarten kids.
farm animals crafts and arts activities
Farm animals from popsicle sticks craft activity

Get some popsicle sticks as the body of animals, colorful buttons as the animal's mouth, fabric as hair to create piglet, rooster, cat, etc.
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