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Horse parts diagram

Teachers can print out these detailed horse parts picture and show students girth on horse, horse shoes, and parts of horse body.
horse parts diagram with labels
Free printable horse parts diagram with labels
girth on horse parts diagram print out
Print girth on horse parts diagram
Cowboy and horse girth print out
Cowboy and horse girth print out
Horse body part printout
Horse body part printout
horse lower leg detailed picture
Horse lower leg detailed picture
bucking horse picture
Public domain bucking horse picture
Pommel horse image
Pommel horse picture

Pommel means either of the two rounded handles on top of a pommel horse.
martingale  horse picture
Public domain martingale horse clipart

Martingale is the strap of a horse's harness that connects the girth to the noseband and is designed to prevent the horse from throwing back its head.

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