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Free printable preschool activities and worksheets

free preschool color and shapes activities, free preschool worksheets Preschool numbers and colors
Free printable colors and numbers preschool worksheets. Count and color.

Preschool numbers lessons
Dots to dots numbers, Counting and coloring numbers, comparing numbers.

Preschool letters activities
Trace and read letters, color letters,beginning sound recognition.

Letter coloring pictures
Learn how to write letters and read letters. Letter coloring pictures.

Preschool lesson plans
Preschool lessons for teaching kids about letters, math, reading skills, English language learning, and projects.

Letters and Reading preschool activities and worksheets

  • 26 letters flash cards

    Cute 26 English letters flash cards with cartoon animals and flowers.

  • ABC preschool activities

    26 English letters worksheets and preschool alphabetical activities.

  • Free free preschool activities, free preschool learning games,free preschool children worksheets, free  printable early childhood lessons plans

  • Preschool Word Walls

    Free printable picture preschool word walls and high frequency sight words.

  • Same or different

    Free printable preschool beginning reading picture worksheets.

  • ABC order worksheets

    Free printable preschool Alphabetical worksheets. Cut and paste exercises.

  • Things that go together

    Free printable preschool picture reading worksheets for kids to group things.

  • Odd one out

    Free printable preschool beginning reading activities to Odd one out.

  • Read and answer questions

    Comparing pictures for preschoolers to read and answer questions.

  • Rhyming words

    Free printable learn English rhyming Word Activities for preschoolers.

  • Easy Word Puzzles

    Free online kids puzzles, search for words learning puzzles for kids.

  • Beginning sound recognition

    Free beginning letters sound recognition preschool phonics reading worksheet.

  • Preschool phonics games

    Free preschool children phonics activities and phonics scramble games,

  • Beginning Letters Puzzles

    Kids beginning Consonantst letters recognition search for words games.

  • Phonics worksheets

    Free picture Beginning Consonants preschool phonics worksheets.

  • Colors and shapes preschool activities and worksheets

  • Color words flashcards

    Free printable common color sight words to teach kids learn basic color and color names.

  • Colors and coloring

    Free printable preschool coloring pages for preschoolers to practice color and learning.

  • Free free preschool Colors activities, free preschool learning Colors games,free preschool children worksheets, free  printable early childhood Colors lessons plans

  • Learn Colors words

    Free printable preschool worksheets for kids learn read and write color words.

  • Sorting colors worksheets

    Free printable preschool games for kids to sort colors and cut and paste.

  • Find the right color

    Free printable preschool/pre-k level coloring pages for kids.

  • Numbers and colors worksheets

    Print out worksheets for kids to learn colors and numbers counting.

  • Shapes flash cards

    Free printable common shapes flash cards for preschoolers and day care centers.

  • Find Shapes

    Preschool teach circles, square shapes, rectangles, triangle shapes.

  • Shapes and colors

    Teachers print out preschool/pre-k shapes coloring pages for your kids.

  • Count shapes

    Teach kids to find the right shapes and learning count shapes.

  • Free free preschoolcircles, square shapes, rectangles, triangle shapes  activities, free preschool learning Colors games,free preschool children worksheets, free  printable early childhood shapes lessons plans

    Basic concepts preschool activities and worksheets

  • Sizes Preschool activities

    Small things, big things.Free printable sizes preschool worksheets to teach kids.

  • Smallest and biggest

    Free printable preschool/day care centers smallest and biggest basic sizes.

  • Free free preschool Colors activities, free preschool learning Colors games,free preschool children worksheets, free  printable early childhood Colors lessons plans

  • Long and short

    Learning long and short kids worksheets. Free online learning resources.

  • Position words

    Teach preschoolers up and down, top, bottom, on, off, position words.

  • Basic concepts

    Free printable Worksheets for children to learn Basic concepts.

  • Opposites preschool activities

    Kids learn to find opposite words. Match opposite pictures.

  • Find the Difference

    Kids reading worksheets to find the one that is different

  • Match games

    Free games for kids to match things that go together and practice reading skills.

  • Happy or sad

    Recognizing happy and angry, happy and sad emotions and feelings worksheets.

  • Group things

    Match things that go together. Kids educational games for learning.

  • Opposite words flashcards

    Free printable picture flash cards for preschoolers to learn opposite words.

  • day or night

    Learn time concepts of day and night. AM or PM picture math games.

  • first and last

    Teach kids about basic concepts of First and last object.

  • More or less

    Teachers use worksheets to introduce preschoolers concepts of comparing.

  • Numbers and math preschool activities and worksheets

  • Fruits numbers flashcards

    Free printable preschool and day care numbers flash cards with fruits.

  • Animals numbers flashcards

    Free printable preschool and day care numbers animal theme flash cards.

  • Free free preschool math activities, free preschool learning math games,free preschool children math worksheets, free  printable early childhood math lessons plans

  • Tracing numbers

    Free printable preschool read numbers, write numbers, and learn number words.

  • numbers of the week

    Free printable Preschool numbers of the week math worksheets.

  • Math and art

    Teach preschoolers to follow instructions and draw, coloring, and write numbers.

  • Matching numbers

    match the correct numbers to pictures.

  • Count and write down how many

    Count the shapes. Write how many.

  • More or fewer

    Identify the set that has fewer or more.

  • Before and after numbers

    Write down the before number and after numbers follow the rules.

  • Counting and coloring

    Color the right numbers of pictures. Coloring pages with numbers activities.

  • Dots to dots games

    Connect the dots kids games to learn numbers and counting.

  • Cross out and counting

    Cross out one and then count how many left.

  • How many?

    Begining counting worksheets. Circle the right number.

  • Preschool counting practice

    Count the objects and write down the correct number.

  • Cut and Paste: Numerical Order

    Cut out the numbers and paste them in numerical order on the worksheets.

  • Fraction worksheet

    Teach preschoolers the basic idea about fraction and half concept.

  • Fill missing numbers

    Write the missing numbers on the preschool worksheets. Numbers 1 to 20.

  • Math numbers patterns

    Read the picture and find out patterns.

  • Picture addition worksheets

    Beginning preschool addition math worksheets.

  • Picture subtraction worksheets

    Beginning preschool subtraction math worksheets

  • Tally math worksheet

    Count the pictures and tally on the worksheet.

  • Solve math problems

    Read the picture and write down math addition equations.

  • Numbers flashcards

    Free printable math flash cards for your preschoolers to learn numbers 1 - 12.

  • Number Recognition Flash Cards

    Free printable numbers 1 to 100 flash cards for day care walls.

  • Compare numbers

    Compare 2 single digit numbers and answer questions.

  • Write numbers 0 - 10

    Practice writing the number and the number word with cute pictures.

  • Skip counting numbers

    Count by 2s, count by 5s preschool counting activities.

  • Color by numbers

    Read the number word and color pictures.

  • Make numbers

    Free printable numbers worksheets for preschoolers to make numbers.

  • Arts and crafts preschool activities and worksheets

  • Connects the dots and coloring

    Free printable preschool connect the dots kids games.

  • Free coloring pictures

    Free printable preschool kids animals coloring books, fruits coloring pictures.

  • free preschool kids crafts ideas, kids crafts easy, free preschool kids crafts  activities sheets

  • Jungle animals coloring pictures

    Free preschool kids jungle animals coloring books and coloring pages.

  • Learn to draw animals

    Preschool step by step learn draw cartoon pictures and animals.

  • Learn draw flowers

    Free kids step by step learn to draw flowers and plants pictures.

  • Learn draw cars

    Free kids arts projects step by step learn draw boats and ships.

  • Learn draw people

    Free preschool kids arts activities to learn draw pictures.

  • Learn draw houses

    Preschoolers step by step learn draw house, household items.

  • Learn draw boats

    Free kids arts projects to learn draw boats and ships.

  • Kids crafts ideas - paper

    Free kids kids crafts ideas and crafts activities, easy kids crafts pictures.

  • Arts and crafts - cups

    Free kids crafts projects and arts crafts ideas with used cups.

  • Happy Halloween Crafts

    Free halloween coloring pages, shape books, and Halloween bookmarks crafts.

  • Kids Christmas crafts

    Christmas decorations and ornaments on the wreath and Christmas tree.

  • Mother's day crafts

    Free kids crafts projects for mother's day - make photo frames.

  • Easter Crafts

    Free happy Easter crafts ideas and projects.

  • Back to school crafts

    Back to school kids craft ideas and projects.

  • Winter crafts

    Free kids winter crafts projects for holiday season.

  • Motor Skills preschool activities and worksheets

  • Cut and paste ABC order

    Learning language preschool Cut and paste picture words activities.

  • Cut and paste letters

    Preschool Cut and Paste English letters activities to improve motor skills.

  • free preschool motor skills lesson plans, free preschool motor skills worksheets, preschool motor skills activities sheets

  • Cut and Paste numbers

    Free printable preschool cut and paste kids motor skills activities.

  • Cut and Paste Shapes

    Preschoolers to cut and paste shapes to practice motor skills.

  • Cut and Paste colors

    Preschoolers to cut and glue pictures and sort colors.

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