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Free Printable Preschool English Worksheets

Preschool English words wall
Free printable PDF format English worksheets and activities sheets for preschoolers to start reading and improve their reading skills. Parents and teachers can use these worksheets printout to teach young children to read pictures and group things, match objects that go together, and find the different ones.

There are also words flashcards and easy word puzzle games for students to learn opposite words for kids, rhyming words, words that have the same meanings, etc to build up their English vocabulary.

Worksheets level are for kids in preschool to 1st grade levels, or age group 4 - 7 years old. Please select and use the ones that are suitable for your needs.
preschool opposite words, opposites games  cards
Opposite words

Free printable picture opposite words flash cards for preschool teachers to create reading curriculum.
preschool alphabetical order worksheets, abc cut and paste worksheet
ABC order worksheets

Free printable preschool alphabetical worksheets. Cut pictures and paste in abc order exercises. Or write words in alphabetical order.
preschool reading worksheets, start reading, kindergarten readness
Find the different one
Free printable preschool reading activities for preschool/pre-k students to spot the difference.

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