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1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade



Free printable 3rd grade decimals math worksheets

free printable decimals math worksheets,Naming Decimals, adding Naming Decimals, comparing Naming Decimals

  1. Understanding Decimals and Naming Decimals

    Write each fraction or word form as a decimal. Write decimal value.

  2. Write decimals greater than 1

    Write fractions or word form as decimals value greater than 1.

  3. Tenths: Write each as a decimal

  4. Hundredths: Finding Percents Rounding Decimals   2

  5. Equivalent Fractions & Decimals

  6. Hundredths: Write as fraction

  7. Ordering decimals worksheets

  8. Comparing decimals and fractions 2

    Write <, >, or = in the circle to compare decimals.

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