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Back to school printables and worksheets

Free printable back to school writing worksheets

elementary school back to school writing worksheets, picture Writing Prompt for kids Acrostic Form: school
Write an acrostic poem about school that uses the letters in the school word to begin each line.

All about me
Draw and Write complete sentences to introduce yourself to your new teacher and class room. How old are you? What do you like? Back to school picture writing
Write sentences about each picture for your back to school day.

Write about back to school picture
Write different kinds of sentences. Telling sentences, qustion sentences about school class room.

All about me
Ask students to write about yourself and your family to introduce yourself to your teachers and your fellow class students.

Back to school classroom
Read the picture and write your own answers to the questions. back to school activities, writing worksheets

If I were a teacher
Back to school story writing templates. Print out the worksheet and ask your students to write what if they were a teacher. Pretend writing exercise.

In the classroom
Back to school story writing templates. Write a story about the picture where a student is eager to answer questions.

Writing Prompt: my first day of school
I had a great first day of school picture Writing Prompt for elementary school students to write about their first day of school.

Five Senses of back to school
Write about 5 senses of going back to school. What students see, you hear, you touch, you smell on your 1st day of school.

My classroom
Write about facts, useage, new things about your class room. Write describing sentences.

Describing school supplies
Write describing words to describe school supplies such as backpack, books, stappler, with describing words.

Paragraph Writing - favorite subject in school
Write describing words to describe school supplies such as backpack, books, stappler, with describing words.

Write action words
Write action words to complete each sentence about the picture. Write what students do in each picture.

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Back to school bulletin board
Free printable back to school posters. Large wall posters and educational posters.

Free Certificate: First Day of School!
Free printable star border paper and red apple border paper for back to school.

Free kids name tags
Free printable kids name tags for back to school. Print out for school desk.

Free school kids book & binder Labels

Back to school stationery

Back to school invitation

Back to school writing worksheets

Back to school learning activities

Back to school math activities

Back to school reading worksheets
Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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