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Halloween writing worksheets and writing activities

  1. Describing Halloween cooking
    Describe how a black cat is cooking with an orange pot with adjective words.

  2. Describe Halloween settings
    Write complete sentences to describe Halloween scenes images: flying witch, graveyard, a creepy cat on the tree picture.

  3. Describe each Halloween character
    Write a describing sentence to describe each character: a girl in a bee costume,a shark go trick or treating, and a ghost.

  4. My pumpkin
    Write to name one thing you can do with a pumpkin and name 2 facts about pumpkins.

  5. Write a pumpkin acrostic poem
    Color the pumpkin piccture. Write a poem and start each line with a letter from the word "pumpkin."

  6. A ghost acrostic poem
    Start each line with a letter from the word "ghost." to write a Halloween theme poem about ghosts.

  7. Write a Halloween acrostic poem
    Write a poem about Halloween. Use the writing prompt with a letter from the word "Halloween." on each line. Color the kids go trick or treat picture.

  8. Halloween Haunted House Story
    Write a scary story about Halloween Haunted House picture. What do you see in this picture? Do you see the grave yard and the black bat?

  9. Naughty Jack-o'-Lantern Story
    Write a story about this jack-o'-lanterns picture. Write about why you think it is naughty and why it will frighten people.

  10. Draw and write worksheet - a creepy spider
    Draw a picture of a creepy spider and Write a scary story about its looking, what is the spider doing, and how you feel about it.

  11. Draw and write - a scary monster
    Draw a picture of a scary monster and write a scary story about this monster.

  12. Five Senses of Halloween
    Write about 5 senses of the Halloween holiday. What can you see, what can you hear, touch, smell, and taste.

  13. Halloween book report
    Read a book about Halloween and use this printable book report template to write about the book setting, main characters, main events, and the ending of the story.

  14. Halloween imagination story - If I could be a witch
    Write a pretent story about what you want to do if you were a witch.

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