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Calendar Games for kids


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Calendar game for kids to identify dates, learn days of the week, month and year on calendar. Kindergarten games for children to play and learn basic calendar, learn how to use and read a calendar. Free printable early childhood worksheets from website:

All games can play in class room for teachers to print out and give instructions. Parents can also print out and play with your kids at home. Children don't need to sit in front of a computer and play online.
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 calendar games, play calendar  game, kids calendar games Calendar Game
Calendar Game for kids to play and identify dates on calendar. Answer questions and show on calendar.

When is your birthday ?
Teachers can print out calendar and ask your students: what date is your brithday? Show it on the calendar. On what day of the week you were born?

Calendar templates
Free printable blank calendar templates for teachers to print out and create your own calendar games or calendar worksheets and learn read calendar.

Current month calendar
Current month calendar page for pre-k/kindergarten teachers to print out and create calendar games for your students to play.

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