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Arts and crafts lesson plan activities

Free printable collections of creative arts and crafts ideas for kids to design, to draw, and to complete various paper craft projects. You can also print out holiday craft projects like create Hollween bookmark, decoreate Christamas tree and wreath, and more fun worksheets.
learn how to draw people

  • Learn to draw people

    Follow the instructions and learn to draw people in action, and human body parts.

  • learn how to draw animals

  • Learn to draw animals

    Free printable step by step instructions for kids to learn draw animal cartoon pictures.

  • step by step teach  you how to draw flowers

  • Learn draw flowers

    learn how to draw flowers and plants pictures.

  • step by step teach  you how to draw cars, airplanes

  • How to draw vehicle

    Free printable picture instructions to show kids how to draw jet, car, boat, and air planes.

  • step by step teach  you how to draw boats and ships

  • Learn draw boats

    Free kids arts projects to learn draw boats and ships.

  • how to draw house

  • Learn draw houses

    Teach your children step by step to draw house and household items.

  • paper crafts ideas for kids

  • Kids crafts ideas - paper

    crafts ideas and crafts activities with paper. Make a paper crown, paper animals, and paper apple.

  • cup crafts

  • Arts and crafts - cups

    Excellent and easy crafts projects and arts crafts ideas with used cups.You can make cup train, cup table, and cup animals.

  • Hollween crafts

  • Happy Halloween Crafts

    Free halloween coloring pages, shape books, and Halloween bookmarks crafts.

  • draw to finish to decorate the pictures

  • Finish drawing the pictures

    Draw more to finish the pictures, or to decorate the turtle shells, cups, or flags.

  • mother's day arts and crafts

  • Mother's day crafts

    Free kids crafts projects for mother's day - make photo frames.

  • easter bunny crafts ideas

  • Easter Crafts

    Free happy Easter crafts ideas and projects.

  • Winter crafts

    Free kids winter crafts projects for holiday season.

  • Kids Christmas crafts

    Christmas decorations and ornaments on the wreath and Christmas tree.

  • Weather arts projects

    Weather theme arts worksheets for students to draw raindrops, decorate sun face, and snowman.

  • Design and draw

    design and drawing kindergarten activities
    1. Draw moon, star, and cloud to complete the dragon picture

    2. Draw flowers and grass to create a beautiful yard

    3. Color picture, add a butterfly

    4. Draw to decorate the Christmas tree

    5. Design your t-shirt

      Draw flowers or toys or write on this red t-shirt to make your own design.

    Trace and color pictures

    trace dots and color pictures
    1. Trace and color the snail picture

    2. Trace to complete drawing an apple

    3. Trace and color bird picture

    4. Trace to complete drawing a dragon picture

    Learn to follow directions

    follow directions to draw and color pictures Pre-k/Kindergarten and first grade age students need to follow multiple step directions/instructions to complete these fun drawing games and arts activities.
    1. Draw a line from the wagon to the robot.Color the bear.

    2. Color the bee and tulip flowers

    3. Draw sun, green grass, and red apples

    4. Happy pig and angry pid

    5. Draw and color raindrops and cloud

    6. Fun drawing and coloring bottles and apple

    7. Draw a mouth for the piglet and write word "pig"

    What is missing in the picture?

    Compare the two pictures in each row and find the difference. Draw more to make them the same, or draw to finish the missing part. free kindergarten arts and drawing activities

    1. Missings in the picture

    2. Draw the missing part and color the picture

    3. What is missing in the rocket and yoyo?

    4. Read and think about animal missing

    5. Missings parts in the picture

    6. Are they the same cars?

    7. Sun and snowflake

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