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Opposite Words Games and Worksheets

All free printable PDF format worksheets. Easy to print out and ready to use. Good for preschool age kids to primary school students to learn opposite words and understand the concept of opposite.

Picture Opposite Words for Kids

picture opposite words games for kids
  1. Picture opposite word games for young children

    Pead pictures and match opposite words: short/long, fast animal like jaguar, slow animal like turtle, big/small, dry/wet

  2. Picture opposite words for kids

    Picture opposite worksheet for kids to identify pair of opposite words: soft like duckling/hard like turtle sheel, cold/hot, day/night

  3. Match opposite words with pictures

    Draw line to connect pictures that have opposite meanings:happy/sad opposite feeling words, long/short, big animals like dinosaur and small animals like ladybug, bad/good

  4. Picture PDF opposite worksheet

    Match pair of opposite words: full/empty, right/left, light/dark, thin/thick.

  5. Picture opposite matching game

    Match opposite games: black/white color words, light/heavy adjectives, young/old,sunny/rainy weather words.

Opposite Word Worksheets

The below worksheets don't have pictures with words. This requires that readers should be able to read the words and understand the meanings. Perfect for lower grades of elementary school students, such as first grade to 3rd grade.

write opposite words worksheets

  1. Match opposite words - no picture

    Print out 4 pages of worksheets in PDF format. Ready to use. Words include positional words like left/right, below/above, opposite verbs like give/take, love/hate, ask/answer, come/go, opposite adjectives words like rich/poor,low/high, far/near.

  2. Write opposite words and color picture

    Students need to write their own opposite word for the adjective words listed in the sheet. color the clown picture.

  3. Write adjective opposite words

    Color bunny picture. Write opposite adjectives for mean, light, tight, and more.

  4. Write opposite worksheet

    Write opposite verb word for laugh, noisy, easy, front, and more.

  5. Write verbs opposite words

    Find and write down opposite word for fix, find, ask, start, pull, throw, buy, and more.

Antonyms worksheets

Free printable PDF antonyms worksheet for kids to find antonyms and build up vocabulary.

Antonyms worksheets

  1. Find Antonyms

    Antonyms for kids. Read and answer questions about antonyms.

  2. Antonyms games

    Find the right pair and circle the pair of antonyms in each box.

  3. Animal antonyms

    Fill in the missing letter to make pair of antonyms.

  4. Match antonyms

    Match pair of antonyms words. This is more for second grade and/or 3rd grade students with bigger vocabulary.

  5. Draw picture to show antonyms.

    Fun antonyms worksheet for kids to write an antonym for each word, such as narrow, shrink,rude, gentle, awake, etc and then draw a picture to show anatonyms.

Opposite Words Flashcards

    printable flashcards of opposite words
  1. Opposite Words Picture Cards - set 1

    Print out and make your own flash cards: young as baby, old as grandma, happy bee and sad dog.

  2. Opposite Words Flashcards - set 2

    Print out 2 sets of opposite word cards: soft as chicks, hard as rock, slow as turtle, and fast as rabbit.

  3. Opposite Words Posters - set 3

    Show opposite as full cup of coffee, empty cup, thin lady and fat chicken.

  4. Opposite Words Picture Cards - set 4

    Printable opposite picture cards: light sun, dark moon, right and left arrow.

  5. Opposite Words Flashcards - set 5

    Print out 6 pairs of opposite word picture posters for your class room wall or home. light as toad, heavy as huge dinosaur, hot as sun, cold as ice, big as elephant, small as bug, many/few fruits, long as tail of peacock, short as chick,inside and outside of house.

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